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LINQ Me Up helps you save time by converting SQL queries into proper LINQ code or LINQ code into SQL queries. It supports C# and Visual Basic code and Method and Query syntax.Using AI, LINQ Me Up will convert your input by analysing it & presenting you its best option.More powerful than tools using conversion rules or syntax based conversions.You get a custom generated result based on your SQL or LINQ input

Easy conversion

- Create your account & buy a subscription- Select your conversion:
- Paste in your SQL /LINQ and press the conversion button- We will convert your input into LINQ using AI technology and show you the result- Copy the result to the clipboard and implement it in your solution


LINQ Me Up will convert your SQL SELECT query / LINQ code within 1 - 5 minutes, saving precious time.If your rate is $50 p/hour, and you would normally convert a query in 30 minutes, you would save this much just by spending less time:

$50 x (25/30) = $41

It's your code

The code / query that is generated for you is all yours. You own all the rights (and responsibility) of the generated code.(So better check & test the code before pushing to production 😅)

Privacy first

We do not store or share your input.
It's is for your eyes only.
The AI service that we use might use requests to train its models.

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  • Easy SQL⇢LINQ / LINQ⇢SQL conversion

  • Unlimited conversions

  • Fair-use policy

  • Monthly renewed

  • Invoices available

  • Ideal for regular converting




  • You get free credits after registering to try out our service

  • One credit p/conversion

  • Buy now, use when you need it

  • Ideal for sporadic conversions


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