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Boost your .Net productivity with AI-powered LINQ generation & conversion

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Fast, reliable conversion

Boost coding productivity with LINQ Me Up:
🚀 Convert SQL queries to LINQ code
🚀 Transform LINQ code into SQL queries
🚀 Generate tailored LINQ queries for diverse datasets (XML/JSON/POCO/...)
🎯 Supports C# and Visual Basic code, Method and Query syntax
🧠 AI-powered analysis for optimized results
⚡️ More versatile and powerful than rule-based or syntax conversions
Supercharge productivity: Effortlessly migrate, build, and focus on essential code parts!

Easy conversion

- Create & register your account- Select your conversion:
- Paste in your SQL/LINQ/dataset & desired query and press the conversion button- We will analyse your input into AI and generate an optimized result- Copy & paste the result in your solution- Get a subscription or buy credit bundles to keep productive


Unlock substantial time and cost savings with LINQ Me Up. With our tool, you can significantly reduce the time spent on query conversion from 30 minutes to under 5 minutes.For example:Assuming your hourly rate is $50:
Time saved = 30 mins - 5 mins = 25 mins
Cost savings = Hourly rate x (Time saved / Total conversion time)
Cost savings = $50 x (25 / 30) = $41.67
By utilizing LINQ Me Up, you can save approximately $41.67 in conversion costs, freeing up your valuable time for more important tasks.Experience the efficiency and financial benefits of LINQ Me Up today!

It's your code

The code / query that is generated for you is all yours. You own all the rights (and responsibility) of the generated code.(So better check & test the code before pushing to production 😅)

Privacy first

We do not store or share your input.
It's is for your eyes only.
The AI service that we use might use requests to train its models.

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You can choose between a monthly or year subscription plan, or credits

Monthly subscription


  • Convert SQL⇢LINQ / LINQ⇢SQL

  • Generate LINQ code from dataset input

  • Unlimited conversions (fair policy)

  • Fair-use policy

  • Monthly renewed

  • Invoices available


Year subscription (POPULAR!)


  • Same perks as monthly

  • Yearly renewed

  • save $9,88 compared to the monthly plan


Credit (bundles)

  • $1 per credit

  • Buy more for less with credit bundles

  • One credit per conversion/generation

  • Buy now, use when needed


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